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The port of Varna is one of the Bulgarian ports, not only of national but also of international importance.
The city of Varna is the third largest economy in Bulgaria (1st place Sofia, 2nd place Plovdiv) with almost BGN 6 billion in gross value added in 2017. It has a highly developed infrastructure with its economic activity.

As early as 1369, this was a port of extremely important transport and economic importance for Bulgaria. It consists of two main terminals Varna-West and Varna-East, but they also include the small port of Balchik. Intersection point of several European transport corridors. However, its official opening was in the early 20th century in 1906. Since then, the port of Varna began to flourish. During the Balkan War, however, the city began to gradually lose its commercial importance, and the port began to go bankrupt due to the postwar economic crisis. During World War II, the port was declared a control area for ships arriving from neutral countries. In 1947 it was nationalized. Since 1974 there is the second port - Varna-west. In the last 10 years, the port of Varna has processed over 10 million tons per year, which is ahead of the port of Bourgas. The two large terminals, East Terminal and West Terminal, together have about 20 berths. The maximum depth of the ship's berths reaches about 12 meters. The port of Varna is a convenient transport center for transport of people and goods to Greece, Turkey, Hungary, the Caucasus. Transit Door for loads to and from Central Asia. The port of Varna contributes to the development of the city as an economic and tourist center today. It is located about 1 km from the city center. The port of Varna-East is an open door for grain exports and one of the best container ports in the country. The Port of Varna is also a major point on the Pan-European Transport Corridor 8 including Duras-Tirana-Skopje-Sofia-Plovdiv-Burgas-Varna. For processing - loading and unloading of extremely heavy loads and the port has a 100 ton crane. All cargo in the port is stored in about 30,000 square meters of warehouse space.

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The Port of Varna has two port terminals:
Varna-East - located inland in the Varna Bay, only 1 km from the ideal center of Varna and Varna-West - the most modern and promising port on the northern Bulgarian Black Sea coast, located about 30 km. west of the city of Varna, on the west shore of Lake Beloslav.
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